jeffrey bilhuber and lisa salloux selecting textile patternsKelly Taub Photography

The collection of fabrics designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber in collaboration with le gracieux stands out from the general run.

Atmospheric.  Immersive.  Optimistic.

Eight interchangeable patterns. Five fashion-forward colorways. A combination of artistic design and unique treatment of materials bring a recognizable depth and dimension to the finish. Proof of the joys of designer and craftspeople successfully working together.

These hand-crafted fabrics meet the evolving needs of everyday living and preview the changes and market trends before us; a growing embrace of beautiful color, and an appreciation of how pattern can define the rooms that surround us.

"Designers and craftspeople are barometers of change.”   ~ Jeffrey Bilhuber

The full collection is made stateside and is in-stock, readily available through all le gracieux Showroom Partners.