• bilhuber
    for le gracieux

    "color is confidence." ~ jeffrey

  • ~bancroft~
    bilhuber for le gracieux

    "beauty awaits"
    ~ jeffrey
  • ~beekman~
    bilhuber for le gracieux

    "designers & craftsmen are
    barometers of change"
    ~ jeffrey

  • bromley ~ beekman
    bilhuber for le gracieux

    a creative mash-up of classic nature & straight-up geometry.

  • ~bennett~
    bilhuber for le gracieux

    organic op-art
    in a dance of dots & stripes.
  • Pamina in 'Maldives'

    More beauty from Rose Tarlow and Douglas Funkhouser
  • Inspired Patterns

    le gracieux plays with variations on a theme and conjures the best in layered colors and imagery
  • Rose Tarlow

    Designs by Rose Tarlow. Produced by le gracieux.
    A visionary reunion and its new collection
  • Wukari

    Deeply saturated printing methods on hemp woven groundcloth.
    Lively colors and moving patterns make this and our new SHAMMA particularly unique.
  • Salerno 'Provincial Blue'

    A dimensional resist print from our new 'Les Fabriques' collection
    If your project requires additional yardage, our lead times are 2-3 weeks tops!
  • What's New in Antiquity?

    le gracieux brings you elements of the once forgotten to be discovered and enjoyed again with a new perspective.
  • Beauty in the Details

    le gracieux is a Los Angeles based modern textile factory producing beauty every day with cloth, pattern and color
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jr presentation: jeffrey bilhuber for le gracieux

watch the four-way presentation of the newly released bilhuber & legracieux collaboration featuring presenter philip hess, jeffrey bilhuber, lisa salloux & douglas funkhouser.


What is printing at le gracieux?


If you have any questions, please contact us. Enjoy!

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What we do

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gores paint studioOur work in the decorative arts informs our textiles….our work in the textiles informs our decorative arts.

Lavishing pigments, gold leaf or venetian plaster on a bare wall is an art form in itself.  It can warm a cool austere room or streamline a collection of rooms. We use older techniques of the scenic arts coupled with crafted furniture finishes to bring a sense of hand to décor.

Paint Studio

Murals of 'serenity' or 'play,' finishes of 'faux' or 'finery'...

...le gracieux's paint studio turns simple surfaces into art forms.

The decorative arts play an important role in our work as artisans in both paint and textiles.

  • "These are the various pleasures of the soul that form the objects of taste...

    like the beautiful, the good, the pleasant, the naive, the delicate, tender, the graceful, the indescribable, the noble, great, the sublime, the majestic, etc."

    image Montesquieu
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